Garbe Immobilien-Projekte sets the stage for unique craftsmanship in HafenCity

Hamburg, 31 March 2022 - With the Marketplace of Manufactures, Garbe Immobilien-Projekte is launching a project close to its heart. From April 2022, the Marktplatz der Manufakturen will begin leasing and will offer a new dimension of quality-conscious and tangible shopping with the first handcrafted masterpieces directly from artists. Located in the Creative Blocks quarter in Hamburg's HafenCity, hand-picked manufactories are given space for ideas, encounters and lively work in up to 15 modern studio, gallery and workshop spaces. Here, high-quality manufactured goods can be produced, presented and sold flexibly in terms of time and space.


The Marketplace of Manufactures focuses on quality and creativity with the aim of creating valuable synergies between manufacturers, restaurateurs, organisers and visitors. Tangible production processes create proximity and identification with the product and convey a new kind of shopping experience. The trend-setting space design on a total of 2,333 m² combines the workshops with a versatile event area and a gastronomic offer to create an overall concept with everything a centre for manufactories needs: a comprehensive range of services, regular events and a genuine community.

"With our innovative concept, we are creating an extraordinary space for encounters, in which the high-quality product gains an additional facet of experience through personal conversations between manufacturers and interested buyers. At the same time, we promote sustainable consumer behaviour by supporting local, handmade production instead of mass production, high quality for long-term use and direct sales without shipping. A project close to our hearts that we will be running ourselves over the next few years," says Fabian von Köppen, Managing Director of Garbe Immobilien-Projekte.

From April onwards, jewellery designers, tailors, milliners, distillers - manufactures from all over Germany will be able to book space of between 30 and 190 m² for their workshops, studios and shops. The flexible rental period from two days to several years ensures a dynamic change of products and sectors and thus a changing shopping experience with lively marketplace activity.

Every manufactory can set up a shop on the online marketplace of manufactories - regardless of whether it is present in the space of the tangible marketplace in HafenCity. On, a landing page will be set up to present the manufactory and the arts and crafts, and an online shop with a suitable subscription model will be made available.