Growing roots: First timber construction elements of the timber tower installed

Once again, important construction progress was on the agenda for us at roots this week.

Among other things, the first wooden construction elements of the wooden tower were assembled within the last few days.

The wooden construction elements are the exterior walls of the west side on the third floor.


In the first step, the outer walls were craned from the swap body to the third floor by the building construction crane with the help of a traverse.

For this, the exact attachment points on the traverse had to be determined in advance so that the walls really hung straight and free of constraints on the crane. However, since the walls are not straight wall panels, but rather angled due to the loggias, this very special task required a great deal of fine adjustment. Once on the crane, however, it was suddenly very quick: pull up, set down, align, screw on - done.

So we continue to look forward every day anew to watching Germany's tallest wooden skyscraper grow and to being involved in this process.

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