Social Day 2022 - Don't just talk, get involved!

On 23 June 2022, this year's Social Day, the Garbe Real Estate Projects team decided to support a special project close to its heart: the equestrian project of the Op de Wisch association.


The association, which specialises in outpatient social psychiatry as well as child, youth and family support, offers animal-assisted educational integration in its riding project. On the farm, which borders the Duvenstedter Brook recreation area, children and adults come together with the farm's animal inhabitants.


Our team had a lot planned for the day: In fantastic weather, the five project groups set to work with their hands. Each group was given its own project leader to ensure that everything went according to plan! Full of zest for action, the groups tackled their tasks. We erected new fences for the winter paddock (the open stable), laid path slabs, replaced fence elements at the paddock and processed a total of 120 m² of new slabs for the horses' winter sleeping area.

Last but not least, a project group, led by our project manager Benedict Pielmeier, took care of the re-laying of the footbridge to the banks of the Alster. Now the relaxing view of the Alster can be enjoyed safely again.

This year we would like to thank all our employees who supported the Social Day with full energy. It is a great feeling and worth a lot to be able to rely on everyone to this extent and to make a difference together.

Of course, our thanks also go to the Op de Wisch association, who do very important work with their horse riding project.