Our mission: enthusiastically forward-looking

We think growth further.

For cities to be sustainable, architecture must be innovative, focus on the needs of society and meet sustainable, climate-friendly and social standards without losing sight of the economy.

Our mission: climate-neutral redensification of cities

We see ourselves as a driving force for resource-conserving, climate-friendly construction and create long-lasting buildings from high-quality materials and renewable raw materials. Our current showcase project, the Roots, is a pioneering 19-storey timber hybrid high-rise building about 65 metres high in Hamburg's HafenCity. With this project, we are exceeding our own limits and putting down roots in sustainable project development: for the first time in the world, the "Roots" will use over 5,500 cubic metres of softwood in a single project. The valuable experience and knowledge that we gather and gain in key projects like this flows into all other projects - for the sustainable design of a liveable city of the future.

We are a Hanseatic company with over 55 years of experience and more than 100 completed projects. As a nationwide project developer of residential projects, office properties and urban districts, we at Garbe Immobilien-Projekte recognise locations with a promising future and specifically serve the demand in the local markets. We act at eye level with project partners, customers and employees and stand as a reliable partner for the development of growing and climate-friendly cities. The ESG criteria are only the basis on which our vision is built.

660,000 m²

Plot size


Residential units

780,000 m²

Residential GFA

570,000 m²

Commercial GFA

1,350,000 m²

Total aboveground GFA

Services Garbe Immobilien-Projekte

  • Building law forms the basis of all our projects. We check the buildability, develop concepts, coordinate them with the building authorities and work out the approvability for the respective project.
  • Our construction management is the contact person for all executing trades of our projects and is responsible for the compliance with quality as well as deadlines.
  • We take care of the marketing, sales and leasing of the property for our commercial projects and provide our tenants with individual and comprehensive support during the development phase until the commercial space is handed over.
  • Our project management is responsible for the entire coordination of all project participants, from the internal or external planning office to the approval authorities and the executing companies..
  • With our competent team, we guarantee the purchasers that the agreed quality will be maintained even after the property has been handed over. If you have any questions, we are still there for you as contact persons.
  • Our interior designers compile individually selectable equipment variants for the purchasers in line with the respective project. In this way, our customers receive a digital and, in particular, descriptive sampling.
  • Our tendering and award team prepares the specifications for the services to be performed in our projects and requests them from the companies on the market. After receiving the bids, reviewing the bids and conducting the award negotiations, the services are awarded to the companies.
  • We create living space and sell it ourselves. Our sales staff have direct contact with our customers from the beginning to the handover.

How do people want to live, work and reside in the future?

Finding solutions is the key to our success.

Real estate projects with their finger on the pulse: For us, the first question is always about the people who will live and work in our buildings in the future. We recognise their current and future needs and analyse trends for cities, recreational spaces or office and residential areas.

With the strategic planning of our projects, we always react to the mutability of our society: with intelligent floor plan planning, flexible infrastructure concepts and/or a mix of uses in neighbourhood developments, we create solutions for a liveable city of the future. For us, this is about successively optimising existing structures - efficient energy strategies and the use of climate-friendly resources and construction methods are our answers to the increasing relevance of sustainability and climate protection.

With the potential of nature and technology, we develop buildings that are conceived for the long term, intelligently planned and sustainably built - in terms of new construction, conversion, expansion and renovation. In this way, we create quality of life for current and future generations, which specifically serves the demand in local markets.


Fabian von Köppen

Managing Director
Main areas of responsibility
Acquisition and project development

Tobias Hertwig

Managing Director
Main areas of responsibility
Project / Construction Management

Dirk Heidkämper

Managing Director
Main areas of responsibility
Finances / Project Financing

Heidi Miklowait

Authorised signatory and member of the management
Responsible for commercial administration and personnel

Steffen Boldhaus

Head of Distribution Hamburg
Responsible for Condominium sales and letting

Ivo Gotsche

Authorised signatory and member of the management
Head of regional office NRW and responsible for project development and acquisition in NRW

Christian Goll

Authorised signatory and member of the management
Responsible for project/construction management

Alexandra Frohn

Authorised signatory and member of the management
Responsible for project/construction management in NRW

Thomas Frank

Project Management Frankfurt

Monika Stepan

Project development Frankfurt

Cindy Schulz

Assistant to the Management
Responsible for Corporate law and office organisation

Ninja Willers

Responsible for marketing and press