We create value for people and markets

We have been developing properties and improving the living and working conditions of its users for more than 50 years.

We are convinced that there is a point where long-term profitability, social responsibility and structural quality form a perfect union. This is precisely the point where we come in as project developers, and we have over 80 successfully completed projects throughout Germany to show for it. We have a proven track record of selling properties to institutional and private investors as well as owner-occupiers. For us, this is proof that we are able to meet demand in the local markets in a manner that is both systematic and continuous.

As a Hanseatic company, we work with our project partners and customers in the spirit of mutual trust and professional partnership. We know that in the real estate business, partners are necessary to create added value.

660,000 m²

Plot size


Residential units

780,000 m²

Residential GFA

570,000 m²

Commercial GFA

1,350,000 m²

Total aboveground GFA

Services Garbe Immobilien-Projekte

  • Building permission applications
  • Sale of privately-owned apartments
  • Project monitoring
  • Special request management
  • Tender and contract allocations MC
  • Construction supervision

How do people want to work and live in the future?

Finding good answers to this question is the key to our success

Worldwide, people are attracted to metropolitan areas. Mobility, demographic change and the continuous growth in the number of single households are also changing the property market in Germany. We pay close attention to long-term trends when planning our properties, to ensure they appreciate in value over decades.

What is the perfect floor plan? What effect do new mobility concepts have on locations? How do we optimise energy efficiency? What is the most important factor that makes people identify themselves with a space in which they live or work? We seek answers to these and many other questions in our ideas workshops, which bring together project managers, architects and sales staff. The results are property projects that are in tune with the latest developments. They do not only serve the current demand, but will also stand the test of time.


Fabian von Köppen

Managing Director

Tobias Hertwig

Managing Director

Heidi Miklowait

Human Resources & Press

Julia Kabelitz


Georg Nunnemann

Project development

Steffen Boldhaus


Ivo Gotsche

Project development NRW

Ramona Wilms

Distribution NRW

Christian Goll

Project management

Cindy Schulz

Assistant to the Management