Garbe Real Estate Projects and Green Moves combine urban mobility turnaround and sustainable living comfort

Today, attractive living space encompasses more than four walls and a good view. In addition to a resource-saving construction method and a sustainable energy supply using renewable energies, a high-quality sustainable mobility concept can round off modern real estate projects. This benefits not only the residents, but also the urban climate, as Garbe Immobilien-Projekte and the mobility start-up Green Moves know, who presented their joint project in the Düsseldorf "GO" quarter yesterday.


"Mobility is a central building block of daily life - and thus an important factor in municipal planning," said Dr. Ernst Raupach, Managing Director of Green Moves, at the "GO Together". Garbe Immobilien-Projekte had invited guests to the event to inform them about the current construction progress of the quarter in the south of Düsseldorf and the mobility concept. "We know from user surveys that innovative mobility offers such as vehicle sharing considerably relieve the inner-city infrastructure. This increases the quality of life and massively saves energy - the order of the day right now. We are therefore pleased that Garbe Immobilien-Projekte, as a real estate developer, is already providing the residents of tomorrow with contemporary mobility solutions today. Progressive mobility is being consistently implemented here, which is groundbreaking." Green Moves is the subsidiary of naturstrom AG, Germany's largest independent eco-energy supplier, which specialises in sustainable mobility.

On the approximately 2,950 m² site, 71 condominiums are being built under the name "GO" in Düsseldorf Bilk - of which only 10 flats are currently still available. In addition to high-quality living space that meets the highest construction standards, future residents can also look forward to an exclusive mobility offer: on behalf of Garbe Immobilien-Projekte, operator Green Moves will provide them with a high-quality electric vehicle fleet consisting of one car and five rentable pedelecs, three of which are cargo bikes. The residents can book the vehicles conveniently and inexpensively via an app, and are billed by the minute. Green Moves provides the app, creates the invoices and takes care of the service of the exclusive neighbourhood fleet.

"We are convinced that urban housing, properly planned and implemented, can make a significant contribution to positively influencing the quality of life beyond the neighbourhood," says Ivo Gotsche, authorised signatory of Garbe Immobilien-Projekte GmbH. "It is important to us to not only have an eye on the property we are building on, but also on the impact it can have on the surrounding area."

"Our goal on the part of the city of Düsseldorf is to enable new housing in harmony with the urgent need for climate protection and adaptation," explains Düsseldorf District Mayor Dietmar Wolf. "Garbe Immobilien-Projekte and Green Moves demonstrate that the need for this has long existed in the market and, above all, how well this works together. "

Move-in to the neighbourhood is planned for summer 2023. Owners of their own electric cars are also catered for in the quarter: every underground parking space has a 5.5 kW power supply.

About Green Moves

Green Moves GmbH & Co. KG is the mobility company of naturstrom AG, Germany's largest independent green electricity provider. The company offers a variety of vehicle sharing solutions for companies, real estate and municipalities as well as for private individuals. In Cologne, Green Moves operates the e-load bike sharing Donk-EE, which was awarded the Federal Ecodesign Prize. Over 4,000 people use the service in the cathedral city. With the subscription bike from Green Moves, the transport turnaround continues to pick up speed - and sustainably. Instead of expensive purchases, the company offers e-load bikes, e-bikes or e-scooters simply on a subscription basis - including delivery, maintenance and repairs. It can be cancelled monthly and is completely flexible.